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Spigot / BukkitBungeeCord




MavenGradleNPMYarnGitGitHub / GitLabJIRA, TrelloDockerKubernetesGitHub Actions / PackagesCircleCITravisCIGCP / GKETerraform


Node.jsExpress.jsRESTfulKoa.jsNuxt.jsGridsomektorAngular 2-9Vue.jsKoinReact.jsReact NativeGraphQL


BootstrapTailwindCSSBulmaMaterial Design


Universal Music Group

Software Engineer

August 2020 - Present

[email protected]

[email protected]

  • Designed a front-end statically-served website in Vue.js for SongVault, a platform allowing large YouTube content creators to use UMG songs without being copyright claimed.
  • Developed a back-end RESTful API in Node.js with Express.js for SongVault, utilizing PostgreSQL via Sequelize.

Tsanga Inc.

Co-Founder, CEO, Software Engineer

January 2020 - Present

[email protected]

  • Designed and implemented a fully-automated multi-environment DevOps pipeline that automatically built and deployed microservices to an environment-scoped Kubernetes cluster.
  • Developed a web-based SaaS called Toad.app / Jibe.tv allowing consumers to control a virtual browser within their browser, providing a richer Netflix-party type experience allowing friends to consume media online together.
  • Developed and documented Toad's back-end RESTful API in Kotlin using ktor, backed by Redis and MongoDB. This application was designed to be stateless, allowing automated horizontal scaling in Kubernetes via our infrastructre-as-code with Terraform.
  • Designed and developed an OpenAPI/Swagger specification for nectar, a RESTful API allowing for automating and managing game server deployment and scaling via Docker and Kubernetes.

Hylist Games

Software Engineer

October 2019 - August 2020

[email protected]

  • Designed and developed features and bug-fixes on a daily basis within weekly sprints alongside 8 other developers. Worked as a team to complete regular goals and to improve the player experience.
  • Wrote 40,000+ lines of Java + Kotlin code used in production 24/7 by hundreds of thousands of unique players.
  • Set up a CI/CD environment with GitHub Actions / Packages which eventually migrated to Artifactory.
  • Designed and developed a complex Bot system in Java using simple & complex behaviour trees, which allowed players to fight bots of different difficulties and variations.
  • Optimized and improved MongoDB and Redis database usage, schemas, and designs to allow for little-to-no performance impact from database operations and to allow for an increased number of concurrent players.

Castia Ltd.

Lead Software Engineer

January 2019 - October 2019

[email protected]

  • Designed and developed the entirety of the HCGames Game Server Network from scratch in Java and Kotlin, backed by MongoDB and Redis.
  • Designed, maintained, and developed a network-communications protocol within plugins to allow for cross-server communications between plugins, players, and staff members.
  • Designed, maintained, and developed an all-in-one Hardcore-Factions plugin -- allowing players to band together, protect land, battle, and compete for the top spot.
  • Maintained all code to the highest standard to allow for other developers to easily work on the large codebase, and documented all code.

Purified Network

Lead Software Engineer, Co-Owner

January 2014 - April 2015

[email protected]

  • Re-designed and developed the entirety of the PurePVP Game Server Network from scratch, working every day at age 13 to give players the best experience possible.
  • Developed Bukkit/Spigot + Bungee plugins in Java to allow for cross-network communication and integration between server nodes.
  • Peaked at 700+ concurrent players on releases, with stable performance and consistent player counts.

Education & Awards

Salisbury Composite

High School

September 2016 - June 2019


  • Completed High School with Honours (80% or higher average) for all three years.
  • Award:Most Outstanding Student - Computer Science 10
  • Award:Most Outstanding Student - Computer Science 20
  • Award:Most Outstanding Student - Computer Science 30

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